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Room Cleansing Kit

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Clear the bad juju with this Room Cleansing Kit. This all natural gift set includes a hand carved bamboo incense burner in combination with three sets of incense. All To112 Incense is hand crafted and blessed in a sacred space to channel the power of the seven rays of the Divine. Plus, they just smell AMAZING.

Each all natural batch is blessed with specific intentions that impact the body, mind and spirit while drawing healing energies it draws into the space it is released.

Activate :: All natural blend of essential oils of wood, spice and flowers.
Imbued with the intention to PROTECT and PREVAIL.

Appreciate ::  All natural blend of essential oils of jasmine, lavender and amber.
Imbued with the intention to provoke JOY and LOVE.

Invigorate :: All natural blend of essential oils of lemongrass and sweet grass.
Imbued with the intention to ABSOLVE and ATTUNE.


Bamboo Burner (Reg. $21)
Activate 34-pack Incense Sticks (Reg. $18)
Appreciate 34-pack Incense Sticks (Reg. $18)
Invigorate 34-pack Incense Sticks (Reg. $18)

Items Also Sold Separately.


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